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1.) Purchase an animal through a farmer you know or we can find one for you through the local farms we work with.

2.) Contact us to schedule a date for butchering. 

We will contact you closer to your butcher date to confirm your appointment and let you know exactly what day you will need to drop off.

 Please Note: Cutting instructions  for the whole animal will need to be in prior to the butcher date as we no longer call to get these. As well as a list of customers and who is getting what (1/4, 1/2 or whole), will need to be into the office no later than the day you drop off. If they are not called in, it will be a standard cut or what is in our system. 
3.) Once the meat is finished (about 2 weeks later) we will contact you for pickup and payment. We do ask that you please pick up within 3-4 business days to avoid storage fees.

Prices and pounds of take-home meat are approximated and are subject to change based on the size of the animal when purchasing a beef or hog from Avon Locker Plant. We offer processing of other animals.
Contact for more information
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